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The WordPress Sales Page Secret

WordPress is a super easy way to get your sales page created and published so it can be released automatically on your launch date. With a WordPress-based website, you can create a sales page as far in advance as you’d like, and then set the page to publish on whatever date you wish. I’ve just...

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Image Tip: Aspect Ratio Calculator

Ever need to resize a video or image on the fly? In order to maintain your 16:9 proportions, you would need to open the image in your editor, scale the image and then update the settings on your site. Or you can click over to 16:9 Aspect Ratio Calculator, input the desired width and then simply...

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All About Shortcodes

WordPress has a well-built feature called “shortcodes” – small snippets of code that allow the user to create additional functionality in posts or pages. Some of the most common shortcodes relate to things like adding columns to content, adding images from YouTube and Vimeo and adding portfolio...

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About Me

I'm Jill, Mum of 4, Mimi of 9 and total and absolute WordPress wonk! I put my skills to work for every client I've been blessed to meet. I'm on a journey to restart my website design biz to help more small business owners thrive!